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January 26, 2007



Have you seen http://www.webofweb.net ?

Sure for now WoW needs SUN's Java plugin to work, but it's real collaborative compared to Bubbl.us, since access to every idea of its maps are under flexible editable security configurations, not maps per account as Bubbl.us

And a Flash client is under development, to free the users from downloading extra Java plugins if they don't like.

trial manager

In thinkature, the connection keeps breaking every 15 seconds or so. In bubbl.us, there is no intuitive controll of the elements. A good idea badly executed. I hope they will not use my e-mail to send me unwanted stuff.

Till Vollmer

We started private beta of a new online mind mapping tool today. It is purly based on HTML/JS/Ajax and has full collaboration support. You can take a sneak preview on the start page where you can play around with the map. Also please contact me or subscribe to the newsletter if you are interested in private beta.


Geez, more of these things than you can shake a stick at!

I agree with Compl's comment that bubbl.us has unintuitive features and actions, but then I consider MindManager to be very intuitive!

I also tried out WoW - WebofWeb.net, and while it shows promise, it wouldn't let me log in with the registration info they'd just sent me, so it doesn't look ready for prime time to me.

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