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January 04, 2007


Pascal Venier

Congratulations! A great scoop! I am really looking to reading the interview.

Nick Duffill

Good interview, Chuck, but Tony clearly missed out on seeing MindManager on the Tablet PC (launched some years ago) which recreates the tactile effect of drawing a map far more realistically than a keyboard and mouse. Physically drawing a line away from a topic creates a new subtopic, giving an authentic and natural feel to map creation. I think this is the kind of integration that Tony is still seeking.


I think Tony should have created his software long ago. But I can't agree that his app is "the first software in history to... explore the limitless possibilities of human thinking". All the teachers and students of our school (Australia) use ConceptDraw MINDMAP, and it's a wonderful tool for opening the capabilities of the mind and allowing natural relationships between notions to be expressed in a practical, flowing way that itself develops the entire process. The use of mindmaps created in CD MINDMAP is an especially good way for students to review before tests.

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