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January 08, 2007


Eric Blue


I think I've experienced a bit of synchronicity today. As I was driving into work (before I read this post) I was thinking of ways I could streamline the creation of some of my mindmaps.

I use the MMOST technique for some of my research, and was just thinking that speech recognition would be a great way to create the mind map while I'm summarizing and highliting text.

I'm primarily using MindManager 5 Pro at the moment, and definitely plan on testing it out with the Dragon product. Thanks for the post!

Peter Maddern

I just downloaded a trial of MindJet in order to check out if Dragon NaturallySpeaking works in conjunction with it. (I have version 9 of the software)

It does!

As with MindGenius, you can't control the you many items but I was able to enter branch text by voice very easily.

With the mouse cursor in the body of the mind map, I found that if you say the command "mouse click", it creates the entry box for the text. In other words, this is the same as manually clicking the mouse to create the text entry box. You then verbalise the text and it appears on screen.

Peter Maddern

Oh and I forgot to say, after entering your branch text by voice with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, say "press enter" to finalise the process. This has the same effect as manually pressing the enter key on your keyboard.

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