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February 08, 2007


Dave Riley

But do they deliver? That's the question hanging over all this MM software. To capture ideas quickly, they are fine. -- very useful. But to link ideas via a series of relationships they are a bit limited I find. They are relentlessly hierarchical.

So I'm back exploring coloured pencils on paper. 'Tis a totally different and more organic experience that forces you to think on the run both spontaneously and consciously. But I think the software really kicks in for those ongoing BIG projects where you come back every now and then to tweak the plan.

Paper based MMing doesn't offer that editing capability-- but I recommend it for various thinking thru challenges.

I'm keen to explore how I can integrate the paper exercises with their digiutal cousins.


I would like to test the site, how can i obtain an invitation. I would like to make a review of the site on my french web site


Hi Chuck

You don't happen to have an invitation code that you'd be willing to share? MindMeister looks insanely great and I would love to enter the private beta.



MindMeister looks great and I cant wait to get a invitation code to try it out.

I still however think there is a whole lot of Web 2.0 potential that it can harness - have some ideas if any one wants to listen drop me a mail.

Till Vollmer

Who ever wants an beta invitation, please send an email to [email protected]

No guarantee, but as long as our server takes it, we want your feedback ;-)



I got a private invitation and just tried it. It looks really neat and promising, yet not "organic" enough.
Being a web app mindmeister has a great value and potential.

keep the good work!

Eric Blue

This looks very promising!


I tested MindMeister - it has a great performace and it is really easy to use. I like it. I would love some more text formatting options (e.g. fonts, bold style) and design options for instance to put a logo behind the map :-)

Mark Harrison

I've just found MindMeister this evening, and think it's excellent.

I guess that I'm their ideal target - I'm someone who has used Mind Maps a few times over the years, but not made them part of my regular toolkit, partly because I've never found software with an easy enough learning curve.

I don't know I'll ever be a "mind map regular", but their site seemed to me to pretty much work straight out of the packet (sorry - British Ajax joke there - Ajax used to be the brand name of a leading soap powder.)

More to the point, within about 10 minutes of creating a mind map, I found myself typing the names of a couple of business partners into the "invite", because I wanted their feedback on MY CONTENT rather the MindMeister application!



Can you help me with this?

Do you know what parameters are used to log on


I already tried the following:


Unfortunately this does not work

Waiting for you answer



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