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February 16, 2007


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Well I must say this is really interesting software, trough this text I had no possibility to find out more about him but I hope I will find more information's on this website, as I can see you asked in above text that we rate it from 1-5 but I didn't so any rating scale and I will say that I would rate it 4 and keep up of the good work


Thanks for this lens! I am sure mindmapping will be a great help for me, but I'm hesitating to invest my learning and creation time until I'm sure the tool can replicate what I really want to capture from my brain.

Specifically, can anyone tell me if there is a) common terminology for what I describe below, and b) which (if any) tools have them all:

1) Many-to-many relationships. I want to note that a particular thought is actually represented in several other thought branch locations. For example, in a map of my life, "Mom" would show up in a first-order branch of relatives, and perhaps three branches removed from a main branch about "psychotherapy issues" (sorry Mom!), and yet again for "people I love". I could just have duplicate "Moms" but then I'd be missing the visual connections (not to mention forsaking the way the brain actually works).

2) Adding information to the branch itself. I see some mind map pictures that name each branch as the connecting idea, and others that seem to communicate no more than that there is simply a connection. What I really want is not only to label the branch, but also have notes behind it describing the connection. Even better would be the ability to rate connections (e.g. 1-10) in terms of their "strength" between two thoughts, so I could filter views based on criticality of connections. Again, mirroring the way the brain works.

3) Ideally (this one I could live without), I'd love a single tool that is also a Personal Information Manager and could link mind maps to to-do lists, address books, etc. This would yield to-do lists with categorizations and many-to-many relationships, and perhaps dependencies, between tasks. This is typically the province of project management software, but I am really talking about my own life, not multi-person projects.

Since this is all new to me, I don't know vocabulary well enough to ask for exactly what I'm looking for, so perhaps these are basic capabilities in all mindmapping software and I'm just not seeing or looking in the right places?

BTW, perhaps others would be aided by a short glossary of a few key mindmapping concepts, particularly those that tend to distinguish one tool from another.

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