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May 01, 2007


Andrew Wilcox

Thank you for an informative review. Any news on the TabletPC functionality?

Colin Walls

How do you know all this when there is no detail on the MM Web site? They tell us that there's great new stuff and deny us details.

Chuck Frey

Andrew, with regards to the Tablet PC functionality of MindManager 7, I just had a telephone interview with Mindjet's chief marketing officer. She confirmed that MindManager 7 continues to fully support the Tablet PC platform, but doesn't add any new Tablet functionality.

How did I get all of this pre-release detail? Because I'm a member of the media, I got a pre-release copy of MM7 from Mindjet to play with. However, I was embargoed to talk about it until the official announcement on May 1.

Jerry Coleman

Thank you for the great review. Is there a map explorer included with this version? I am using MM now but I really got used to this functionality when using Mind Genius. Also any word on when Results Manager would be available for this version? Thanks.

Andrew Wilcox

Colin, thanks for info. Vista's pen flicks and the improved hand writing recognition do allow more to be done in mouse mode but it is not yet as fluid as MindManager's pen mode for me.


Any first hand impression of the performance of MM7? MM6 is already quite a resource hog and the first thing I would want to know before considering upgrade is whether this improved? Or if the program became even more bloated due to the new features etc.?

Arnold Villeneuve

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