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June 08, 2007


Andrew Dever

Mind 42 seems to be the best online mind mapping app available although I have only tried bubbl.us & mindmeister, are there anymore that you know of?

Also, what are your thoughts about these online versions comparatively to the download/packaged software versions? Do you think they are going to give the more serious apps like mind manager a run for their money? Do you think that they are going to charge for use or make it free?

I'm really interested in your thoughts as I would say that you are much more knowledgeable on this topic!


There is Comapping.com. I have found that really really impressive. Smooth and fast navigation with an excellent overview of the mind map.

Anna Gutkina

Very comprehensive blog indeed. I am wondering if anyone what knows if there at all exists the product that combines link mapping or mind mapping with data retrieval.


Another offering is Mindomo.com, which I liked a little better than mindmeister, though I don't remember why.

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