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August 15, 2007


Andrew Wilcox

I think there is at least one other key benefit to using mind mapping software. That is that one source of data can be transformed in to a variety of different publications filtered to suit the audience.

Kyle McFarlin

Andrew, good mention above. Mind Mapping could be an ivory tower if it weren't for export into mainstream software offerings, such as Word, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF and Project.

Hank Hauffe

MindManager 7 Mac
I'd been looking forward to an upgrade from MindManager 6 for Mac. There were a number of things I liked about the program, including the default way that it styled a mindmap but it seemed incomplete or immature, as one might expect a new version of a program to be, and in particular I really wanted outline capabilities along with the mindmap.

I was therefore very excited to download the trial of MindManager 7, however I then found that it was really closer to a mature beta than a "ready to charge real money for it" product. In particular I wrote to them asking about two anomalies  1) that Cmd-B indeed bolded text in the mindmap mode, but while the command is still available in the menu, it did not bold in outline mode  2) that it indeed supported multiline text entry and even line breaks, but you can't see your text in outline beyond the first line. The lines otherwise look like any other line so a reader is likely to not even know if there is hidden text there or not.

I'm sure there are other problems in that I found these in just playing with it for 5 or 10 minutes, but I didn't look further because their response to me was:
"Were sorry we can’t meet your exact needs, while we have noted your concerns we do not at this time have any plans to release an update addressing those particular issues."

Apparently they interpret these issues of basic functionality as just being quirks of my "exact needs" and they have no intention of correcting them.
Curio now does a nice mindmap and ConceptDraw is about to upgrade their product. There are other alternatives as well for Mac, like NovaMind, and these companies care about delivering a useful and complete product to their customers. I'll certainly be looking elsewhere before I invest any more money in a company like Mindjet.

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