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September 07, 2007


Ian Goldsmid

Well - could be best to try these things out before adding to your blog - the installation of the current version doesn't work - several other people have also reported this on the Carya forum - and the developer hasn't yet even bothered to acknowledge the issue...

Maureen Curran

A message from the author about the problem and that it is now fixed, is on the front page. There's a new / fixed download.

Julia Sova

Dear Ian,
As we have already cleared up, there was a problem with server and during weekend there was nothing we could do. So it's not about "bothering" :-)

Huge apologies for inconvenience.
Looking forward to your comments about the program!

Kip Williams

Cayra definitely deserves a look from anyone serious about mindmapping. I've used MindMapper, MindJet MindManager Pro, Inspiration 8, and FreeMind. Cayra offers an interface that is intuitive, simple to work with, versatile without getting in the way of the creative flow and easily produces the most visually pleasing mindmaps of any of the software I listed above. I've imported all of my Freemind maps and am quite satisfied with the result in Cayra. I'm a very enthusiastic new user and recommending it to my friends who are creative writers or software designers.


the tool certainly is pretty but in use it feels kind of chaotic and messy. Though freemind doesn't allow linking to a node from two sides (hopefully it will soon) it is still the superior tool if you have large quantities of data to manage visually. Also the use of hotkeys has a looong way to go in Cayra.


calling Freemind or Cayra "superior" over each other totally depends on what you're used for.
If you are used to strict tree-structured map, then of course you'd say Freemind's better. But if you want a better view from different angles, showing all topics connections (not just two or three - most subjects are more complex than just 2 links) - then you'd probably prefer other software.

I personally prefer Cayra, first because it doesn't limit my map perception and I can take a look at the same idea from different points of view.. and secondly it has a nice interface, nice colors (comparing to very black & white Freemind) - it stimulates my creativity!

Hmmm and could you tell me what's wrong with hotkeys? I manage all my maps from the keyboard! (not a huge mouse lover, hehe)

P.S. Chuck, sorry for answering in your blog, hope you don't mind your readers sharing opinions :-)

Bill Groves

Unfortunately, I am unable to start Cayra on two seperate computers running on XP. I have downloaded the netframe 3.0 as required, but no luck.
Any suggestions

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