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December 28, 2007


Ron Newman

Thanks Chuck for an informative review.

One clarification: IdeaTree actually does display who added each node. Hover your mouse over the node and a balloon appears. If the node links to a website then a thumbnail image of the website will appear. If the node links to text then the first few words of the text will appear in the balloon. In all cases the name, date and time the node was created appear.

The most recently added nodes are outlined in red (this wasn't working at the time Chuck wrote this review).

Finally, the contributors of nodes and comments are identified by their username rather than their real name, because there are real advantages to maintaining anonymity in brainstorming methods such as Brainwriting. It's actually a good thing in some cases for everyone in a group to use the same username, but if you want to know and be known, just use usernames that identify you.

Developing a concept mapping tool (anything can connect to anything) as opposed to a strict mind mapping (bifurcating tree) tool brings with it some technical challenges, and the process of solving these elegantly promises to be...well, fun.

I heartily welcome all suggestions to the email on the website. Thanks again, Chuck.


Hello, have you heard of Compendium mindmapping software? I did not see it in any of your reviews.

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