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January 28, 2008


Satt Hooke

Thank you for your reporting and sorry to make it get confused.We have to devise the help page more.

Although it was text-centric, it carried out by not wanting making it the drawing software of an ordinary mind map.Therefore, several pictures and videos can also be stuck into one text form.Two visual maps also have a meaning, respectively. Map graph overlooks the whole map. It is for seeing the relation with the topic of child-parent or other users relationship when topic graph focuses on one topic.In topic graph, other topics on the mind map can be chosen, and it can be set as a parent topic or a child topic.Although it cannot do on a mind map, it is because it may be easy to arrange the direction which does so.

Furthermore, if a topic is created, there is a function which can display automatically the information on Wikipedia and the near topics which other users made.
A function is enriched more. I contact you again at that occasion. Thank you very much.

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