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February 19, 2008


Stephanie LH Calahan

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I am a productivity and organization consultant and coach. I am always looking for new resources for my clients and readers. I'd be interested in a copy of your book, so that I can
1) Review it and determine if my clients could benefit (I'm guessing they could)
2) Review it and determine if I could benefit (I'm guessing I could)
3) Give you a glowing testimonial assuming that 1 and 2 are correct.
To your success!

Mark Glowacz

I'm the director of technology at a private high school and Inspiration has been standard software for several years. I've seen glimpses of what it can do and then I found out about mind mapping and Mind Manager. I've been reading blogs about visual thinking for about two months and I'm ready to dive in. My hope is to learn and apply the knowledge using Inspiration to better manage my busy project load, share my experiences with the teachers to help them utilize the software and in turn, increase the integration of Inspiration into the students' curriculum. An opportunity to introduce visual thinking to our students properly and to do so by example could improve the school in many ways. Of course, I need to take that first step as well. I'd love to be the recipient of your e-book to help get me started.

Kartikeya Agate


I am Kartik and I have tried to elaborate on how and why I intend to use mind mapping (using a mind-map :-) ) here - http://agatekartik.blogspot.com/2008/02/mindmaps-and-me.html

The blog post contains my motivations and thought process and also has my mind map inline (if it is not visible - the post also has a direct link to it). I imagine your book will be immensely useful to help me/us with our learning.

Looking forward to interacting with you ...



As a fresh-teacher, it came to me as a surprise that something like mind-maps existed. How was it that no one (not even at the teacher-training faculty) has ever showed me how to mindmap? Being a true workaholic, I started to gather loads of information to "master" this helpful technique. From bits of information here and there (on the Internet, because even Tony Buzans mind-mapping book was published in my country for the first time in mid 2007) I slowly realized how powerful this method could be for all, not only for rigt-brain students as I thought in the begining.
Ever since I learned how to use mind-mapping, it has helped me a lot in various means (from planning at the school-curriculum level through doing various projects with my pupils to brainstorming posts for my blog). I have been teaching mind-mapping (visual learning respectively) to my students for about 3 years and your book (considering your blog posts) could be a great and definetely valuable resource to help me with improving my "mind-mapping/visual teaching" and learning experience.
Finally, I'd like to apologize for my English, it is not my mother tongue.

Anthony White

I am Director of Law and Technology for Bay Area Legal aid, the largest regional provider of legal services in Northern California. I've used Mind Manager for years, but in the usual way that non-profits operate, I perform the tasks of several positions and have never been able to use it enough, or with enough training to get as much value as we need. Our attorneys and advocates are extending services across the whole region, and our planning must be used in working with paralegals, cooperating pro bono attorneys from many firms who give thousands of hours to our work, as well as with support staff who also are not well trained in newer software applications such as mind mapping. Your gift would thus affect not just myself but an array of literally hundreds of front line service providers, whose work can be enhanced using the non-linear tools in mind mapping software.

Kevin Frye

I have been using mindmapping tools for years to assist in clarifying thoughts, designs, plans, communications, and even emotions. I am always looking for new ways to use these brain-magnifying tools. This book looks like it's full of great ideas.

Lee Gilbert

Dear Chuck,

On reaching retirement age, I decided to continue part-time, and to refocus my efforts to coach my Singapore business school students to gain a better understanding of "real work" problems through the intensive use of case studies.

I've experimented with mindmapping, using it as a tool to deconstruct cases, then teaching my students to do the same. Recently, I entered one of my teams in an international competition, and they won all three rounds, and outright! While others have used the tool effectively, I feel we are far from achieving the full potential of mindmapping for case analysis and presentation.

A relative newcomer to mindmapping, I need all the help I can find to lead them to expand their use of the tools, and your book would be an excellent source of ideas and techniques for my coaching efforts.

Lee Gilbert
Nanyang Business School
Singapore 639798

Tom Taylor

Dear Chuck,
Our church has many acrivities going on and with building maintainance scheduels and all the other classes and activities to keep up with, I think mind mapping would be a great way to keep up with things like:
special needs
staff responsibilities
nursery rosters
cleaning rosters
missionaries that will be coming and their needs

And a host of other things to keep up with.

I think the book would help me get going with Mind Mapping.

Thanks, your friend in Christ,
Tom Taylor

peter evans

I work with communty groups and organisations as well as social enterprises in developing their activities, helping them to operate effectively & strategically, to ahve an impact and engage their target groups and clients. I love it. I use visual mkethods as much as possible, these aren't business people and many disengaged from education a long, long time ago. Mind mapping works for them and it works for me .. but I need to be better at using it, more systematic, more creative, more engaging and more empowering. On that tall order, I tihnk your book would be a fantastic resource

best wishes

alejandro enriquez hermida

I use mindmanager since 5 years ago and I discover the power to be in touch with my own brain, how to develop my thinking.
I work for the social security institution in México and I´m in charge of the income resources area in my state, the amount of problems that we have to solve is very high, because we work in a legal, economical, political and administrative environment, these are de reasons because we have to use a tool powerful enough to provide the variety of solutios that we need.
I recognize that mind manager represents the difference between the success and failure in our goals

thak you

Lisa M. Metzer

Hello! I am keenly interested in "Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software Second Edition." A librarian at the National Geographic Society, I consistently use the technique of mind mapping in my business life to outline processes, illustrate annual goals, prepare for presentations, organize projects, make sense of research requests, create agendas, and so much more! Visual maps simplify my work and enhance my confidence.

Last year, I began teaching a class called "Idea Mapping" to the staff at the National Geographic. I wanted to share this useful tool with others! This introductory class, part of the NG Learning Systems (our corporate university), quickly became popular. The concept continues to spread at the National Geographic, and class participants remain eager to learn more. Mapping software is the primary topic of interest. Although my comfort level with mapping software increases with use, I know there is still so much to learn and share.

Eager to expand my knowledge, I would benefit greatly to receive a free copy of your new ebook to discover and share new applications for mind mapping software, common mistakes to avoid, best practices, and expert advice.

I enjoy teaching and learning. Upon receiving a free copy of your new ebook, I would share my new knowledge of mind mapping software and your excellent resource with interested colleagues, librarians, family and friends. Thank you for this opportunity to share!

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