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February 20, 2008



I'm surprised that the software's ability to truly capture the 'laws of mind mapping' is not in there somewhere. i.e. the ability to more closely represent hand drawn maps in the way that Headcase and iMindMap do. I've found that it's these type of maps that burn most effectively into my memory and therefore would rate it highly as a feature.

Mike Smith-Lonergan

I was surprised that "add-ins" ranked so highly as well, which makes the commentary that I'd inadvertently stirred up in the Yahoo MMDev group all the more shocking: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/MindManagerDev/message/404

If it's true that Mindjet have chronically disavowed the very partner community that could supply Mindjet's customers with a healthy supply of add-ins, then it seems to me that Mindjet is wasting a golden opportunity that only limits the sales potential and "killer-app"-ness of MindManager.


don't know about the others, when i mindmap i use the keyboard mostly, so what i need are keyboard shortcuts and not a ribbon bar to click on. (btw, when the bar is maximized it takes almost a fourth of my monitor real estate)..

oon the other hand i'm quite excited about some of the web based mapping and how well they work on portable devices such as the nokia n800 (from which i am presently writing).

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